Removals in Bond


At Rumson Trading we can assist you with removal of goods in bond on first importation in compliance with section 27 of the Customs General Regulations (Statutory Instrument 150 of 2001). Clients may move imported goods in bond from border ports of entry into inland ports and hold for final clearance.

Goods removed in bond within Zimbabwe shall only be consigned to a place:

  • where there is a Customs house, in the case of goods which are to be entered for consumption, temporary importation or onward transmission in bond; or
  • appointed as a warehousing port, in the case of goods which are to be warehoused; or
  • appointed as a container depot in terms of section 19 of the  Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 23:02]

Goods removed in bond to places within Zimbabwe shall be:

  • held at their destination only in a container depot, transit shed, Customs area appointed in terms of section18 of the  Customs and Excise Act, or  bonded warehouse in which they are to be warehoused; or
  • delivered on the instruction of an officer into the custody of ZIMRA until they have been entered for consumption, temporary importation, onward transmission in bond, or warehousing, and authority for their delivery or onward transmission has been granted by an officer;

This is subject to the condition that goods removed in bond for entry for consumption, temporary importation, warehousing or onward transmission in bond, shall be entered within 10 days from importation.

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